Archaon Neon

Written in light

A dazzling bright NEON circle casts its cosmic light upon the ancient temple amidst the nighttime serenity of the sacred archaeological site, illuminating the spiritual message of the “eternal return,” like a hologram.

Αn initiatory dialogue takes place between the historical past and the present; the sacred outline of the circle is inscribed upon the ancient columns by the NEON light, a timeless symbol of “cyclical time.”

The visual artist and digital multimedia photographer Zetta Antsakli remasters the archaeological photographs using digital NEON geometric shapes, thus accentuating the power that light holds over darkness. Her intervention is a symbolic depiction of the ancient monuments’ apocalyptic nature as they emerge into the light, ready to recount History.

Embarking on a personal, existential quest, the artist doesn’t settle for an aesthetic depiction of the romantic ancient landscapes, daring instead to leave a digital impression, interrupting the serene twilight with a bold sheaf of galactic light, an expression of the passing of time.

Suddenly the archaeological site’s photographic depiction undergoes a transcendental change, the new technological means its ingenious tools of expression; it now becomes a conceptual art work that employs a mixed technique, with a post-modern digital aesthetic quality that has the power to enchant.

Clea Souyoultzoglou, Art Historian