Curator statement

Clea Souyoultzoglou, art critic

When the image speaks louder than words, theory can only highlight the symbolic value of a work of art.

Conceptual photography, by using digital tools achieves an optimum level of interpreting the artist’s archetypal idea creating the perfect synthesis of a euphoric coexistence within an abstract golden space.

Visual artist Zetta Antsakli, illustrates the beautiful aspects of life as a divine gift, capturing the special moments of everyone in perfect harmony. Each figure tells a personal story, a snapshot of a blissful moment imprinted by its shade that follows him like a timeless hologram.

These shades are a projection of the animated human figures created by the light and the rays of the sun. This same light may also become the grey shade of the immovable objects when standing alone, but at the same time are also part of a greater picture of all the glorious colors with which nature enriches the wide spectrum of variety and beauty, that surround us.

What makes the big difference between the two, is the aspect of movements demonstrated by a multitude of shapes and forms of the human body. These unique shades are captured by the lens of Zetta Antsakli. Even more important is her concept that allows us to visualize the metaphoric transition from the colorless shades of the human figures to life itself.

Zetta Antsakli’s new research takes us a step further in understanding the endless spectrum of shades contributed by the presence of movement, which introduces us to the almost theatrical playfulness of the ‘chiaroscuro’ in painting. We can accordingly imagine these same human silhouettes participating in the great and even more exciting image of the extraordinary and adventurous journey of life.

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